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Windows Phone Market Share and Apps

What happens when Windows Phone has the same number of apps as Android and IOS?  Including 99 of the top 100 mobile apps, plus a few exclusives “everyone” wants?  Never happen you say?

Internationally, Windows Phone has growing market share.  IDC, Yahoo News via BGR, and an outfit called Kantar WorldPanel have been quoted all over the web with some of the tidbits below:

Why is Windows Phone growing in these markets?

  • Price – Apple has shown they own at least 1/3 of the high end phone market, but it appears there is not enough margin for them to target the $100 phone market.  Windows Phone and Android both play here.
  • Price vs. Performance – Windows Phone flies on my dual core Lumia 920.  Android was ok on my Motorola Atrix 4G (dual core), but occasionally laggy.  On low cost hardware I think the experience is better on Windows Phone, and the main OS players in smartphones for low cost hardware are Android and Windows Phone.

Don’t forget, 5-7 years ago before the first iPhone, Blackberry owned the market.  Microsoft needs mobile for the long term, and in a few years app count will no longer be discussed.