IE 10 problems

The more I work with Windows 8 the more familiar it becomes and the more comfortable I become.  The same cannot be said for my experience with Internet Explorer 10.  For the last 5-7 years I almost completely ignored IE and used Firefox exclusively except for sites that required proprietary IE extensions or that were Microsoft sites.

Over the last year or two IE got so much better I started splitting my time between IE and Firefox, and even had both of them open most of the time.  Not so much in IE 10.  Too many sites don’t work, even in “desktop” mode with the plug-ins (sites that worked better in IE than Firefox prior to the “upgrade” no longer work at all in IE10).

  • Lotus Notes web client – does not work for me in metro or desktop mode
  • only works in desktop mode – huh? a Microsoft site?
    • image
  • Blackboard Vista – an online learning environment used by many universities
    • image

And a few more I’ve already forgotten.  It seems like new ones everyday.  Hopefully this gets better fast because some will equate the Windows 8 experience with IE 10.