Windows 8 is Fast, How to Shut Down Fast

Has anyone else noticed Windows 8 is fast?  Boot is fast.  Shutdown is faster… once you figure out how to skip the 5 steps and gestures it takes to shutdown the standard way.  Mouse to a right corner, pop up the charms, click on the settings charm, click on the power icon, then select shut off.  What the heck?

The fast way is simple and right under our noses – the power button.  Go to the desktop control panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > System Settings.  What works for me is to set the power button for shut down, the sleep button (usually on a function key for laptops) for sleep, and closing the lid to sleep.


It has been so long since we used a power button on a computer to shut down we forgot its secondary purpose – primary, turn on the computer; secondary, turn off the computer.  How retro chic…