Operating Systems and Device Blog………
Operating Systems and Device Blog………

Relaunch of osfarm.com

What I thought this website might be 5 years ago… doesn’t matter now.  I like gadgets – usually end up buying more of them than I should, using them for a while, then selling them on eBay and getting another one.  It is not a horribly expensive way to go unless you keep them too long, defined by the value dropping by more than 50% of retail on eBay.

I do have some favorites, however this site is not intended to solely promote one OS over another (although I’m sure my preferences will be obvious).  I’m convinced that most modern operating systems will work pretty well compared to anything available even 5 years ago.  Whether you like Windows or Mac; IOS, Android, or Windows Phone; Linux or maybe even ChromeOS; there will likely be a posting someday about it.

The plan is to make notes about gadgets and OS’s, trying to compare features across platforms, show killer features and biggest meh… moments from my experience in using the devices.  Sometimes I might even criticize my favorite devices, but hopefully I’ll get over it.

I will sometimes include ad links for products or things I like.  Sometimes I might even get paid for them. I have to have more than 3 readers before that is likely.  I still intend to give my true opinion on the positives and negatives even if I recommend a purchase (and somehow make a dollar from a click link purchase someday).