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How Soon ’til Windows Phone 8?

I’m starting to get impatient for the new Windows Phone 8 hardware.  I’ve not touched any of them yet but I think I will have a tough decision.  I like how thin and light my Samsung Focus S phone is now, so the Ativ S will be the frontrunner when I walk into the store. However, […]

IE 10 problems

The more I work with Windows 8 the more familiar it becomes and the more comfortable I become.  The same cannot be said for my experience with Internet Explorer 10.  For the last 5-7 years I almost completely ignored IE and used Firefox exclusively except for sites that required proprietary IE extensions or that were […]

Windows 8 Shortcuts

The lack of menus is disorienting at for someone who has used menu driven windows since Windows 3.1 came out.  I think it would be helpful if the swipe from edge gestures worked by bouncing the mouse against the edge in non-touch hardware.  Even in mac full screen mode, bumping the top of the screen […]