Surface Windows RT Apps and Hand Wringing

Why all the hand wringing about the Surface RT not running the same apps as Windows 8 desktop?  Tech blogs all over the place are lambasting Microsoft for not making it clear.  Outside of the 5-10% of the population that writes or reads tech blogs and computer magazines, do consumers actually know the difference or […]

Affordable Macbook

A new 13” Macbook Pro was released this week.  Faster, lighter, thinner, higher res (retina), etc.  An amazing piece of equipment with a really cool commercial.  However the price tag leaves me gasping for air.  Apple has brilliant marketing to own the high end of the market.  The way I buy Macs is to repeatedly […]

Barnes and Noble Windows RT Mini Tablet?

I read a few months ago that Microsoft bought a stake in Barnes and Noble or gave them money in some way.  Is this for an eventual Windows Phone 8 competitor to the Kindle HD / Nexus 7 / Ipad mini?  

Windows Phone 8

I wanted to restart this blog with a comment about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 but I’m trying to maintain my objectivity.  In the last 7-8 years I have owned and used daily, in order, the following phone OSes: Palm Windows Mobile 6 (the durable HP Voice Messenger iPaq 510, 2 users after me and […]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs. Google Nexus 7

I really like my iPad.  However, I don’t like to travel with it due to the potential damage and replacement expense, and I like a lighter tablet for reading.  About a week after the Google Nexus 7 came out some guys at work got one.  It was smooth and fast with Android Jellybean and worked […]

IOS 6 Auto-Brightness Flakiness

Has anyone else noticed the auto-brightness seems to not work as well in IOS 6?  In my experience with and iPad 1 and current use of an iPad 3, auto-brightness always seemed to work perfectly.  One of the few flaws in my otherwise great Samsung Focus S Windows Phone is the auto-brightness never seems to […]

Samsung Galaxy Player 5

A older sleeper in the tablet wars.  Behind the curve with a 5” screen, single core processor, and an older version of Android (Touchwiz version of Gingerbread 2.6.35), but a capable little device. More like a big fat iPod than a tablet, but handy anyway. + Google Play Store, GPS, small and pocketable (a little […]

Relaunch of

What I thought this website might be 5 years ago… doesn’t matter now.  I like gadgets – usually end up buying more of them than I should, using them for a while, then selling them on eBay and getting another one.  It is not a horribly expensive way to go unless you keep them too […]