Nokia Lumia 920 at AT&T

Spent some more time at AT&T looking at the Lumia 920 tonight.  Kept comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  The Note 2 seems to be a close comparison to what the Samsung Ativ S will be, albeit a little bigger than the Ativ S.   I don’t want to wait for the Ativ […]

iPad Mini First Look

A buddy at work walked into the store (AT&T I think) on launch day and picked up an iPad Mini.  Of course he had to bring it in to work for all the geeks to ogle.  Everything about the Mini is exactly what you expect except for one thing – this thing is impossibly thin. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note II

While at the AT&T store looking at the new crop of Windows Phone 8 devices, I poked around the Android area.  The Note II looked interesting, and all the higher end Android phones were snappy and responsive.  The Note II has a huge screen, lots of custom features, and seems like a great device. It […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 Quick Touch

I had to go see the Nokia Lumia 920 at the AT&T store today.  I assumed I would love the os and hate the weight.  My current phone is the lightweight Samsung Focus S, so I figured the comparison would be dramatic. To my surprise, the shape of the phone and the fact that it’s […]

How to Search Music, App Store, etc. in Windows 8

Looking through the app store right after installing Windows 8 I’m thinking, where is the search box?  Do I have to browse around to find everything?  Of course not. Windows – Q  (pressing the windows key, left of the Alt key to the left of the spacebar + the letter Q at the same time) is […]

Bing Date Filter

I keep checking the search engines for the Windows Phone 8 release date for AT&T, and when I’m looking for date specific information rather than last years Windows Phone release dates, I often use Google because it allows you to filter results down to recent dates.  This has been a key feature that kept me […]

Windows 8 is Fast, How to Shut Down Fast

Has anyone else noticed Windows 8 is fast?  Boot is fast.  Shutdown is faster… once you figure out how to skip the 5 steps and gestures it takes to shutdown the standard way.  Mouse to a right corner, pop up the charms, click on the settings charm, click on the power icon, then select shut […]

How Soon ’til Windows Phone 8?

I’m starting to get impatient for the new Windows Phone 8 hardware.  I’ve not touched any of them yet but I think I will have a tough decision.  I like how thin and light my Samsung Focus S phone is now, so the Ativ S will be the frontrunner when I walk into the store. However, […]

IE 10 problems

The more I work with Windows 8 the more familiar it becomes and the more comfortable I become.  The same cannot be said for my experience with Internet Explorer 10.  For the last 5-7 years I almost completely ignored IE and used Firefox exclusively except for sites that required proprietary IE extensions or that were […]

Windows 8 Shortcuts

The lack of menus is disorienting at for someone who has used menu driven windows since Windows 3.1 came out.  I think it would be helpful if the swipe from edge gestures worked by bouncing the mouse against the edge in non-touch hardware.  Even in mac full screen mode, bumping the top of the screen […]