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Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 Quick Touch

I had to go see the Nokia Lumia 920 at the AT&T store today.  I assumed I would love the os and hate the weight.  My current phone is the lightweight Samsung Focus S, so I figured the comparison would be dramatic. To my surprise, the shape of the phone and the fact that it’s not nearly as fat as I thought it would be… I almost bought the thing.

The Lumia 820 was also at the store, and by comparison the 820 was light and small (even though it is still heavier than my Focus S).  The big advantage to the 820 was expansion memory slot and size/weight.

No HTC 8X or 8S phones had come in yet, and the ATIV S is nowhere to be found.  I really like the Galaxy SIII, and assuming the hardware is similar to what the ATIV S will be, that may end up being my choice.

If your CTQ (critical to quality) item is expansion memory (note, the 920 and 8X start with a lot more memory and may not need the expansion card):

  • HTC 8S
  • Nokia Lumia 820
  • Samsung ATIV S

If your CTQ is camera, the reviews say Nokia Lumia 920

If your CTQ is screen size, the ATIV S is the winner

If your CTQ is screen quality, the Lumia 920 clear black may be the winner, but web opinions vary.  HTC gets good color reviews, and I find it hard to complain about the Samsung Super-AMOLED screens.

My honest opinion is you will be able to throw a dart at the Windows Phone 8 area of the AT&T store and hit a good phone.  None of them are bad, and hopefully soon all the choices will be in town.