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Windows Phone Market Share and Apps

What happens when Windows Phone has the same number of apps as Android and IOS?  Including 99 of the top 100 mobile apps, plus a few exclusives “everyone” wants?  Never happen you say? Internationally, Windows Phone has growing market share.  IDC, Yahoo News via BGR, and an outfit called Kantar WorldPanel have been quoted all […]

How Soon ’til Windows Phone 8?

I’m starting to get impatient for the new Windows Phone 8 hardware.  I’ve not touched any of them yet but I think I will have a tough decision.  I like how thin and light my Samsung Focus S phone is now, so the Ativ S will be the frontrunner when I walk into the store. However, […]

Windows Phone 8

I wanted to restart this blog with a comment about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 but I’m trying to maintain my objectivity.  In the last 7-8 years I have owned and used daily, in order, the following phone OSes: Palm Windows Mobile 6 (the durable HP Voice Messenger iPaq 510, 2 users after me and […]