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IOS 7 Looks Good but Harder to Use

The iPad and the Surface RT are both good tablets.  Neither will run the main desktop OS apps from their supplying companies (OSX from Apple or full Windows from Microsoft).  Both are full touch environments, and one of the knocks on the Surface RT (other than it doesn’t run full windows) is some of the […]

iPad Mini First Look

A buddy at work walked into the store (AT&T I think) on launch day and picked up an iPad Mini.  Of course he had to bring it in to work for all the geeks to ogle.  Everything about the Mini is exactly what you expect except for one thing – this thing is impossibly thin. […]

IOS 6 Auto-Brightness Flakiness

Has anyone else noticed the auto-brightness seems to not work as well in IOS 6?  In my experience with and iPad 1 and current use of an iPad 3, auto-brightness always seemed to work perfectly.  One of the few flaws in my otherwise great Samsung Focus S Windows Phone is the auto-brightness never seems to […]