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I bought my dad an HP Chromebook 14 on Woot. Then they showed up on Woot again a month or two later and I got one for my wife. I haven’t changed my opinion of Google (no privacy) and still lean toward Apple and Microsoft products.  My dad has a gmail account and so does […]

Nokia Lumia 1020

I went to see the Lumia 1020 at the local AT&T store. The quick plusses compared to my Lumia 920: Thinner Lighter Excellent low light camera – they have a neat display box with various light to test it yourself The price is a little high, but if I didn’t already have the 920, I […]

Raspberry Pi

I’ve been fiddling around with the raspberry pi and an old Atrix 4G laptop dock.  Lots of people show how to hook them up on the web, and if it wasn’t a little cumbersome with the cables it would qualify as a super thin netbook. Still haven’t decided what to make out of the raspberry […]

Samsung Galaxy Note II

While at the AT&T store looking at the new crop of Windows Phone 8 devices, I poked around the Android area.  The Note II looked interesting, and all the higher end Android phones were snappy and responsive.  The Note II has a huge screen, lots of custom features, and seems like a great device. It […]

Relaunch of osfarm.com

What I thought this website might be 5 years ago… doesn’t matter now.  I like gadgets – usually end up buying more of them than I should, using them for a while, then selling them on eBay and getting another one.  It is not a horribly expensive way to go unless you keep them too […]