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Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air

I use Windows 7 and 8.1, IOS, OSX, and Windows Phone 8.1 pretty much every day at work and at home.  I also use my Kindle Fire HD and Fire TV as needed for reading and movies (love Amazon Prime).  I’m a little obsessed with gadgets and rotate them through to keep up with the […]

Bing Date Filter

I keep checking the search engines for the Windows Phone 8 release date for AT&T, and when I’m looking for date specific information rather than last years Windows Phone release dates, I often use Google because it allows you to filter results down to recent dates.  This has been a key feature that kept me […]

Affordable Macbook

A new 13” Macbook Pro was released this week.  Faster, lighter, thinner, higher res (retina), etc.  An amazing piece of equipment with a really cool commercial.  However the price tag leaves me gasping for air.  Apple has brilliant marketing to own the high end of the market.  The way I buy Macs is to repeatedly […]