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How to Delete a OneNote 2013 Notebook

I was looking for a way to delete a notebook from OneNote 2013 that is stored in OneDrive.  Found some links, but nothing that was clear worked, and everything else was unclear.  A few steps make it very easy: 1. Close the notebook in OneNote (right click > close notebook) 2. Navigate to your online […]

Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air

I use Windows 7 and 8.1, IOS, OSX, and Windows Phone 8.1 pretty much every day at work and at home.  I also use my Kindle Fire HD and Fire TV as needed for reading and movies (love Amazon Prime).  I’m a little obsessed with gadgets and rotate them through to keep up with the […]

How to Search Music, App Store, etc. in Windows 8

Looking through the app store right after installing Windows 8 I’m thinking, where is the search box?  Do I have to browse around to find everything?  Of course not. Windows – Q  (pressing the windows key, left of the Alt key to the left of the spacebar + the letter Q at the same time) is […]

Bing Date Filter

I keep checking the search engines for the Windows Phone 8 release date for AT&T, and when I’m looking for date specific information rather than last years Windows Phone release dates, I often use Google because it allows you to filter results down to recent dates.  This has been a key feature that kept me […]

Windows 8 is Fast, How to Shut Down Fast

Has anyone else noticed Windows 8 is fast?  Boot is fast.  Shutdown is faster… once you figure out how to skip the 5 steps and gestures it takes to shutdown the standard way.  Mouse to a right corner, pop up the charms, click on the settings charm, click on the power icon, then select shut […]

IE 10 problems

The more I work with Windows 8 the more familiar it becomes and the more comfortable I become.  The same cannot be said for my experience with Internet Explorer 10.  For the last 5-7 years I almost completely ignored IE and used Firefox exclusively except for sites that required proprietary IE extensions or that were […]

Windows 8 Shortcuts

The lack of menus is disorienting at for someone who has used menu driven windows since Windows 3.1 came out.  I think it would be helpful if the swipe from edge gestures worked by bouncing the mouse against the edge in non-touch hardware.  Even in mac full screen mode, bumping the top of the screen […]

Installing Window 8 Upgrade

I just went through the upgrade process on a Windows 7 machine I use almost every day.  If it didn’t go well I would have a problem…. I purchased the online upgrade from Microsoft.  Amazon had the physical media for $69.99 on pre-order with a $30 rebate credit so I picked that up for another […]

Surface Windows RT Apps and Hand Wringing

Why all the hand wringing about the Surface RT not running the same apps as Windows 8 desktop?  Tech blogs all over the place are lambasting Microsoft for not making it clear.  Outside of the 5-10% of the population that writes or reads tech blogs and computer magazines, do consumers actually know the difference or […]